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The Somerville Homeless Coalition contacted me asking if I'd planned anything for Groundhog Day this year. I haven't.

Who among my local friends still wants to see Groundhog Day on February 2nd? (Trying to gauge need to organize a Something).

If it's just me and my annual viewing, I can organize something else entirely, and on a different date:

This is relevant because:
  • This year is the 125th anniversary for Puxatawny Phil's celebration. I have yet to attend one.
  • I also have a free place to stay in Florida that has a good view of the Feb 3 (3 am ish) space shuttle launch. Which means I'd need to be there by the evening of February 2nd (and then get to be livid if the flight gets rescheduled).
  • Even if I stay home, mostly to (not bleed my savings for anything less than Hawaii and) deal with domestic issues, my place will probably not be presentable enough for a fund-raising gathering by 2/2.
If, unlike me, you feel no need to see Groundhog Day ever again, what would be an appealing fundraiser to you?

(Yes, the Dismemberment Plan, who got their name from the film, *is* touring again, and have a show in Boston the previous weekend, which is entirely sold out. They did answer my email once, so I may try begging them for n guest tickets to donate entirely as SHC fundraisers. But, the middle step there is still "and a miracle occurs", so I need a Plan B.)

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